ten on ten // September 2017

Back to school this week for our youngest two so time to get back into the swing of things with this ten on ten for the blog... it's been awhile!

Our day through the eye of my camera and ten pictures:

shoes on and out the door 
he's most excited that the library at his new school has his favorite author, 
Dan Gutman, on the shelf!
I'm most excited that he's happy to go to school again!
//pretties by the front door as I come home and get ready to do a morning of paperwork

Thai lunch date just my man and I
a quick stop by the Whole Foods for me and a "come save the day!" phone call 
to my man as I was checking out discovering I didn't have my wallet
 after school bath for Hershey courtesy of girlie
(she's adjusting to middle school just fine and is most excited each day to be
going to school with a lot of friends!)
father/son; home from the range
(it's back to college this weekend for our oldest!)
+this quote from my husbands IG feed yesterday that I can't love enough:
Be careful to leave your sons
well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better
 than the wealth of the ignorant. 

buddy boy's first year to play football and he LOVES it

sunset catching as I'm off to pick up our middle son
from the State Fair fun with his tennis team
and the last picture on my camera roll before I started taking ten pictures today...
our middle son and Hershey before bed play time while we were in Hilton Head this summer.
Our middle one starts school on Monday. Whew.

My man and I are off to orange theory for our Friday workout date. :)
He was out of town on business last Friday so I went solo. Not quite as fun so I'm looking
forward to the competition this week.
Happy Friday and have a good weekend.




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