ten on ten // March 2017

gorgeousness out my bedroom window and a day home during sunrise as our middle son doesn't have before school jazz band today
celery, carrots, fenugreek sprouts, blueberries, raspberries, spinach and coconut milk...continuing the healthy new year green drink routine as hubs (the usual maker of our drinks) is out of town
morning school drop off // do you have everything and have a good day + the love you's
sick one home; day three // hungry. yay! for a grilled cheese
spring cleaning galore over here; today? the shoe closet!
Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan // a book that was lost but now has been found that I've loved reading to each of my kids! It's one I practically have memorized and I think it was a kids meal book if I remember right.
quick lunch then back to work
emails and planning and paper work while mister plays behind me
all the after school and so was dabbing and accidentally hit so and so in the nose causing it to bleed and can you believe he had never had a bloody nose before and didn't really know what to do?!
home and lax in the front yard until the sun went down for our middle one


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