October favorites // 2016

girlies fresh baked homemade cinnamon rolls just before she put the icing on // so good! 
Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Problems. We had our 'fair share' in October. But! Thankful for the precious friends / family / neighbors that prayed, sent texts, listened and prayed some more. 
soccer season with a tie for first place in misters division
a weekend without hubs as he traveled for work = a day to the orchard for girlie, the boys and I for fresh hot apple cider donuts, apple cider slushies and apples 
Intermediate school Grandparents Day
(I LOVE this pic!)
the end of boating season // he loves that boat and I've always called it his fifth baby. ;)
Friday night pep band came to an end +all the smiles our drummer gave us
end of a great JV football season
pumpkins +fall break for our oldest with a family kickball game and a wiffle ball tournament (we used the pumpkins as bases!)
Halloween fun //

And family dinner celebrating Nana's 64th birthday!


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