Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! It's a full Monday night here: girlie is off to hip hop dance in her minion costume class for an hour while hubs is dropping off our high schooler for an all evening pit orchestra / play practice. Our youngest can hardly wait for sister to get home so the neighborhood trick or treating can begin!!
to dance class
mom! why did you do that?!? girlie giggles 
gorgeous night and reminiscing much colder and or stormy Halloweens in years past
our football player // he found his oldest brothers pads from his fifth grade year of football and loves that they fit him
to Nana and Papaw's house we go 
(they had asked to trick or treat the neighborhood alone this year! I'm not ready for that.)
ringing the bell while brother asks sister, "do we have to say trick or treat?!" She giggled and replied, "yes!"
buckets full // about 95 percent chocolate 
sorting and sampling 

1000 grand // he'd never had one and liked it best
family 2016
just before I put the sweeties to bed
(I was asleep by 9:30! Whew. Thankful hubs did the 10:00 pick up from band practice.)


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