our week: March 20-26, 2016

It's our oldest ones spring break this week; home from college. We were a little disappointed that his spring break didn't line up with ours but had a nice week home together. 
On the first day of spring miss had her first bloom. She was so excited and squealed when she saw it. :)
Sunrise spring runs are the prettiest!
Sad news for girlie: her swim coach (her most favorite) decided to step down this year. Girlie was pretty sad but I was happy to see the shirt she decided to wear after hearing the sad news: super, strong, epic, brave. That's my girl.
Concert going brothers.
On the grocery list; spirulina. Do you take pics of things so you don't forget?!
Friday night we celebrated our oldest turning 19. We surprised him with a trip to Breakout, we didn't breakout and he said that wasn't a very good birthday surprise. ;)
Aww. Too sweet. I was looking through pics from when our oldest was little (in honor of his birthday) and found this cute pic! My besties oldest with my oldest when they were 1 and 3!


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