our week: April 8-16, 2016

Just me and my littlest spending the morning together at Hollywood Studios on our last day of Spring Break!
Dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby
Home again and a new Lego set put together in two days.
Back to homework and routines.
Love this new rug I've had my eye on for a few months and finally decided to order for the great room.
Flash card testing in second grade. A classroom full of smarties makes my volunteering that much easier. :)
Mom said the ferns were in [andbeautiful!] at Kroger so I squeezed in a trip after school pickup and during math tutoring to get one. I want to go get another!
Second game of the season for our 8th grade lacrosse player. He made the opening shot and three throughout the game. The guys are looking great this year. They won 13-2. (Wish we could've made it on timeout but girlie had dance on the other side of town. Thankful nana and Papaw were there to cheer him on!)
Fri-yay date day with my man. :)
Race day!! We had been working SO hard for this 5k. Hubs had a goal to beat me. And second to that he really wanted to place top three for his age group. Of course I wanted to beat him and I knew his pace so I had a worked this race as I beat him by four seconds! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pull it off next race. ;)

Our oldest has been home all weekend from college. Yay!! I've done lots of laundry and made a few meals, although not as many as I would've liked. 


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