our week: April 17-24, 2016

Sending our college one back to school with a bucket full of clean laundry, chocolate chip cookies from Nana and a belly full of home cooked meals. Miss him. 3 weeks until summer break.
I'm so close to feeling recovered (ha!) from Spring Break at Disney. It was our first time to do a week in Orlando over spring break and I really think our last as we learned we really need a more relaxing spring break vacation!! The days after coming home are full force with patients for hubs, spring sports and all the end of the year school programs.
Girlie sorting through clean but not folded yet laundry and pausing to watch the sunrise. 
Jog-a-Thon this week at school and a surprise day off for hubs. He made it to girlies jog a thon as our second graders was right after drop off. Unfortunately, it was inside the gym this year (we usually go out on the track) as it was raining all day long! We were triple (really quadruple) booked that evening: lacrosse game on the west side, baseball practice and dance on the far north side with girlie needing to be back at school in the middle of all that for a 4th grade lock in! Whew. The lacrosse game was rained out as well as baseball practice. Somehow it always all works out. 
A three day weekend!!! We ALL needed this. The kids slept in on Friday while hubs and I did an early morning Orange Theory class. Then Saturday we all slept in with an afternoon lacrosse practice for our middle one and a baseball game that eve for our youngest. (His first!) We spent time in between at home biking to see the neighbor horse Bo with a tad of yard work throughout the weekend too.

Happy Monday!

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