Everything is awesome-ish. Unless you're really into Legos like our youngest, who's 8, then everything [Legoland] is awesome and you won't want to leave the park! He thought trading mini Lego figures all the day long was the best part of spring break so far! Our first visit; the pics:
We started out mid morning and headed straight for what I thought would be our favorite area: Miniland.
New York City in mini Legoland was incredible. 
Central Park Carousel
Our second visit to the Statue of Liberty.;)
Brother and sister each enjoyed trading mini figures with the Legoland employees throughout the day...The employees wear at least one figure attached to their name badge which made it easy for the kids to see if it would be a mini figure they'd like to trade for.
Checking out her mini figure collection. They each had three to trade from.
Her pirate.
Stephanie and her life sized convertible in Heartlake City with sister behind the drivers seat.
It's a race to see who can get to the top in the imagination zone!
We (hubs, our middle son and I) really enjoyed watching the two youngest in driving school. Interestingly, they each picked a police car to drive around the little Lego city.

The mini figure he was hoping for.
The Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars area took flight +look at all the storm troopers underneath.


By the end of our day we had done all that we had hoped to do however, mister really wished we could stay so I told him to go by one more Lego creation for a picture. Of course he chose the one that sprayed water. ;)


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