Disney's Animal Kingdom // 2016

When traveling to Disney, Animal Kingdom is our 'down' day. It's a more leisurely feel as you go to this park. We all crave this after having spent a couple of days in the other parks. We look forward to the mostly shaded park with all the animals...
As we went to the park this time with our 14 year old, 10 year old and 8 year old I asked them what they were most looking forward to. Our 14 year old said that Expedition Everest is his favorite coaster and in fact he thinks it's the best Disney ride there is. Thankfully, we had a fast pass to ride as soon as we got to the park. (The wait was already an hour!) 
Our 8 year old mostly likes the animals. He especially enjoys the Safari. The animals are always at a different level of activity depending on the time of day you go and we were especially excited to see a lot of them very close to our vehical. The momma and her baby rhino were too cute as they crossed the road behind our vehicle. 
Our daughter said Aninal Kingdom is her second favorite park and as soon as she saw the entrance for 'It's A Bugs Life' she wanted to deviate from our fast pass schedule and head in. ;) We worked it in later in the day after our lunch reservation at Yak and Yeti's. (The Dim Sum is delicious there and so are the Korean Ribs!!)
It was gorgeous out and moderately crowded. The big kids (including hubs) rode expedition Everest later in the day. Our youngest and I needed a break so we looked through Africa while he enjoyed playing the drums and window shopping with me. 
I was especially looking forward to an early park closure with an evening poolside +the electrical water parade followed by an early bed time so our youngest and I could get up early early to make it to Hollywood Studios in time to get a time for the Jedi Training...


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