ten on ten // March 2016

A peek at the beauty in our ordinary with ten photos over ten (ish) hours:
Foggy rainy start with "lots of sounds of nature" our youngest says as he peeks out the window.
Our middle schooler heading to the carpool.
Pre-workout breakfast and texts.
Getting in a workout with my man and the quote that inspired me during class:
Don't just wish for it, work for it! -OTF
While lunch cooks.
Playing in the rain.
Groceries: before after school pick up.
While brother is at lacrosse.
Snapple drinking girlie.

Happy [rainy] tenth! Hubs had a surprise day off so the first thing we did was scramble to find a class opening at Orange Theory to get a workout in while the kids were at school. It was a sweaty one. Whew. And for the record I won when it came to 'splat points' however, hubs heart rate monitor broke again while we were lifting. (So all his points weren't accumulating then.) At some point I might win fair and square. ;))

We headed home for a yummy lunch before the much needed grocery store stop for all our perishables that we seem to be going through quicker and quicker these days. 

Spring sports are in full swing now around here filling up our evenings. Our middle schooler is in lacrosse with practices having started this past Monday, our daughter is practicing strong for her upcoming dance recital while our youngest can't wait to find out who his baseball coach is. The draft is this Sunday. ;)


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