our week: March 5-12

//looking through my cell phone pics
Saturday: breakfast and cartoons in bed
Sunday: before church 4 mile run with a view
And a quick, no lunch, get to baseball tryouts Sunday afternoon with the mister declaring afterwards, "I was surprised I could throw the ball so far!" (Just as much as I was surprised when he came to me a few weeks ago saying, "sign me up for baseball I want to learn a new skill!")
Monday: a stop for cupcakes, 'it's not a hoho,' because first day of lacrosse practice!!
Tuesday: a 1/2 day for hubs = afternoon fishing before the school pick up. 
With a gorgeous evening out until past bedtime with all the kids. We had all driven after dinner to the park/library. Afterwards, girlie and I decided to walk home.
When we got to the bridge I said, "do you want to jog across with me?" "No, but I'll cartwheel across!" (she never stops!)
Wednesday: A day home to regroup and organize for me while two repair men were scheduled; the washer repairman and a plumber for the outside spicket that failed this winter. (Nikon shot)
Thursday: rain, rain, rain! However, the mister didn't mind playing a bit of football in it with his nerf ball.
Fri-yay: that sunrise! While our 8th grader finished a report and I finished my coffee +Oswald Chambers reading: Seeing is never believing: we interpret what we see in the light of what we believe. Faith is confidence in God before you see God emerging; therefore the nature of faith is that it must be tried.  From: He Shall Glorify Me
Saturday: up with the sun, the geese, birds and frogs (wondering why the frogs are SO loud this season!) and looking forward to a slow paced Saturday before spring sports start in a couple weekends. 

Happy Weekending!


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