our week: March 13-19

Sunday: a Father/Son Paintball birthday party celebrating our 14 year old
Monday: pi day/pies for math class for extra credit and we got the last two 
Tuesday: after school fishing beside my girl who holds fast to the keeping quiet while you fish = peaceful! 
Wednesday: dropping girlie off at Nana's before her dance class so I could get brother from lacrosse and Nana could take her to class on time. (So thankful for the help.)
Thursday: a late afternoon run for me taking me one week closer to my next race with this motivation: Ask yourself: is that my best? If yes, you are headed in a great direction.
Andy Sparks -U.S. Olympic track cycling coach 
Friday: Cute Patriotic Program for our 2nd grader
The most exciting part of the day though a 1/2 day with plans to meet college brother for hibachi lunch. 
And after dinner baseball! We've got one SO excited for his first season. It starts after spring break.


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