our week: Feb. 27-March 4

//through my cell phone pics
Our ice cream shop is open for the season! Hubs and girlie road their bikes (with 40 mile per hour winds, seriously!) while I decided driving over would be better. ;) The boys were happy with the decision and their shakes; cookie dough and moose tracks.
Comfy, cozy in sick bay. On a Monday. Brother is sick too in the room next door. Both woke with fevers and headaches. Our middle son also had a cough.
Make up work. Thankfully he thinks it's easy and fun. 
Bridge Building competition. Girlie was the business manager for her team of four. (Two boys and two girls.) "The hardest part of being the manager was making sure everybody did their job, signing the checks was the easiest! I learned I'd be a better architect."
First day of Istep testing! Girlie asked because eating a good breakfast was a requirement ;) if we could go to our favorite before school breakfast spot. How could I say no?! Then on the way once brother realized in our haste to get out the door I hadn't packed a lunch for him he complained incessantly. As we were heading into the restaurant I'd heard enough, "Nicholas! You are going to eat today's school lunch and like it!" "You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die. Now shut up and eat your garbage," sister teased. [Ratatouille movie quote]
Cutie feeling shy as a two year old with Alice in Wonderland. I've been looking at past Disney pics this week as the spring break countdown is on!!!
IG shot of sleeping mister: wake up, sweetie. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting...
Snuggles under his favorite Christmas gift from nana (that Dr. Suess quilt) and ready to takle presenting his scientific experiment. 
These two did great! I think mister is finally getting over the stage fright he's had for past speeches...He's now hoping to get picked for a role in a school play. ;))
And last: our Fri-yay orange theory workout for hubs and I was a challenge this week. So many squats, burpees, squat flies and how about decline push-ups?!? Wow. And when our instructor told us to hold our squat for one minute the girl working out next to me asked her if she was kidding. ;)The screen shot results for me: I set two goals for myself this week; no points in the gray and to break 50 for over all splat points. I got one of the two! And came SO close to beating my man. We were neck in neck the entire workout. He pulled ahead right at the end as we were lifting and he beat me by two splat points: 48-50. 

Happy weekending!

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