Hilton Head Island // 2015

Our trip is booked for this summer. I'm already planning menus and making sure we have all the beach toys we want. I think it's time for a new sand castle kit. And the bikes! It's time to rent the bikes...
One last look back at the memories, 2015//
We have our favorite little area to stay. It's in the neighborhood that's not too far of a bike ride from the beach but just far enough. 
Sunset bike rides are a most favorite and if it's also low tide then double bonus. The beach days are some of the best, they're so relaxing. It's a vacation that I most look forward to each year as spring approaches.
Drawing and cartoons +back to school list making for girlie in her vacation bedroom.
An early morning trail ride is now something even hubs looks forward to. The very first time we booked one was the year girlie turned 8. (The youngest age they will book.) We loved it so much! 
600 acres of trails winding through the forest preserve with Spanish moss covered oaks and around fields of wild flowers. We usually spy an alligator or two along the way...
This past year we felt like we hit the jackpot when (we think) the previous family vacationing in the house we stayed at left all their pool toys. We had so many tubes, noodles, balls and buckets!
We booked our trip a little later in the summer not knowing if / when our oldest would be released from his MCL and meniscus surgery, rehab. We were so thankful as he was released a bit earlier than projected so he was able to ride his bike, jump in the waves and play beach kadima without any problems!
Beach sweeties!

2016 memories will be here before we know it.


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