Happy 19th!

19 years with our oldest who adds SO much laughter and excitement to our family! 
We were recently asked by a family friend what we notice most this year with him off to college?! Hubs immediately said, "the house is so much quieter!!"
Leaving us even more thankful to have the house filled with 'the noise' of our oldest for 19 years now. 
And as my mom pointed out, it's the final year of his teenage years. 
We have especially enjoyed watching him this past year grow and change (mature) from completing his (9 month!) knee surgery rehab, to college and adjusting so well with classes while also doing football. We are proud and thankful. Ephesians 3:20a "Now to Him who by the power at work within us..."
After our dinner at home we traveled to Breakout and surprised him with a 'Museum Heist' breakout session. We didn't break out and the two personalities most upset by that??! Thankfully not our oldest although he did say that was a terrible birthday surprise. Ha! The terrible surprise was quickly remedied as we went back home to open gifts. :))

A Happy 19th


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