our week: Feb. 5-12

//through the eye of my cell phone//
100th day of school! Mister has 95 mini marshmallows in his backpack and 5 large to add to the community fruit break. He really wanted banana slices until I convinced him they'd be smashed in his backpack before he got to class! 
Saturday desk top beauties and waking to hear a dear family lost their mom/grandma/great grandma. She was such a lovely, kind lady and will be missed. Thankful she loved The Lord and shared that love with so many lives touched.
Lunch date with my guy trying a new to us place. We liked it but didn't love it. The ambiance is good as it's an old library with gorgeous woodwork. The food was definitely something we could have made at home: I had the bun less [chicken] oven bake while hubs had the salmon sliders.
Super Bowl Sunday food prep with my girl: I had Manhattan meatballs going in one crockpot with pork barbecue in the other as girlie was making praline cheesecake and a double batch of brownies.
Tiny boot prints to my car Monday morn as we are loading up for school. We weren't expecting the snow until closer to 10 am. (Also, had to park outside as my garage door broke Sunday as we arrived home late after the Super Bowl. :/ had to have a completely new garage door put in for me. The installer said I must really use my door a lot as the other two doors didn't have near the wear and tear over the past ten years! I live in my car I tell you. ;))
Sister trades lunch box food with her friends and she brought home this wrapper laying it on the table near my grocery list requesting a box.
6am class hasn't been a problem at all for me and leaving the kids to get ready for school until this week! When I got home at 7:05 and ready to drive them to school, the entire house was sound asleep. I had two sick boys and a girlie that was just worn out. I dropped girlie off at school later in the morn.
After school loading up my cart at Target­čśĆ. We go the easy easy route for Valentines here. The fun dips were the hit at the class parties though as the teachers tell the kids they can pick one thing out of their Valentine box to eat I noticed most all of the kids chose their fun dips. 
Picking up our middle schoolers Valentine balloon from his locker as he was home sick-
The ballon ministry at school is so special and on Valentines (party) day seeing each child leaving with a balloon is really really neat.
Buca lunch with our college one. ♡

Happy Weekending!


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