our week Feb. 20-26, 2016

//through my cell phone pics
Blue sky weekend and weather that had us outside enjoying it until Saturday night at 6ish when hubs had a pretty good fall while biking right here. As he was rounding the bend at the marina he didn't see a tiny gray metal chain across the road and it went across his neck throwing him off his bike backwards. He still road the 6 miles home but was/is very sore particularly in his neck. (I'll admit I was scared for him but the first thing I said?!? I think I'm going to beat you in orange theory this week!!!!)
Oh mister. Dropping him off as Thomas Jefferson on his very first oral book report! Buddy boy brought home 103% and was thrilled!! However, he was SO nervous he wrote another report at home and practiced it multiple times for hubs and I! "I want to learn how to be a GREAT public speaker," he said as he continued practicing. We had to giggle. 
Across the table from me --->After school Paradise treat and a great game of war as we wait for brothers drum lessons to finish. 
We have a 14 year old. He's a sweetie. His favorites: drumming, lacrosse, and if he had to pick a school subject it would be Science. He LOVES his science teacher this year. He says she is a mix of Nana and I. Aww.
Beautiful Dutch braid girlie slept in for waves as she had a 4th grade 'readers theater' program.
All the kids in her class were so expressive it was so cute! Girlie was the news anchor at the desk complete with a headset that is hard to see. Job well done! (Her teacher expressed this is the biggest 'into drama' class she's ever had! Can't wait to watch them as they grow up.)
Another week, another orange theory class down. This week was an intense one but we did it!! Guess who came out on top?!? First in splat points, me!! My man did beat me by about 1mile in rowing. I beat him by 1 mile 1/2 on the treadmill. (I broke a 5 min 40 sec mile pace for 2 minutes!! First since HS!) And to be completely fair, his heart monitor quit working during our weight lifting. ;)
I love pretty flowers. (In girlies room still going from Valentines!) And slow paced Saturday mornings when I can tidy the house. This Saturday I tidied with my new tieks on to break them in. I think my running feet are going to love them. 
Downtown for the Girls State Basketball finals. We love Indy and our eagles basketball...a 3 peat victory winning the state in 3A. Incredible. 


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