our week Feb. 13-19

//through the eye of my cell phone//
Never loose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
My Valentine. I'd had a bad cold all week and by Valentines day I was craving comfort food. After joking that maybe we should go to the hospital cafeteria for old times sake, (years of holiday meals eaten there throughout med school and residency!) he took me to Pad Thai; my first choice.
Surprising me with a book report as the first thing to do in his first weekend waking moments.
Skating out back on Monday and Tuesday, 72 degree weather days by Saturday. Crazy.
Ice skating snowball fight!
Racing and I'm winning for 1/2 a second!
Middle School Praise Band early morning rehearsal.
#orangetheory love. We really do love this  group workout. It's how we've worked out for all our years at our own club but on our own. It's so fun for this highly competitive workout couple to take it up a notch in class. 
Screen shot of my workout results. The splat points are earned for each minute you spend working out in the orange and or the red. 
And hubs workout results. He beat me by 6 splat points!! (But I beat him in max heart rate ;))
Dinner and a movie: Kung Fu Panda 3
Gorgeous weather on Saturday!! We were outside all day (the two youngest +their cousin Gavin in the woods behind Nana's building a fort while our middle one spent hours perfecting his lacrosse shot.) except the two hours we spent at lunch and I had hubs run me to the mall to get the swimsuits miss had her eye on as they were 25 percent off for one day only!! 

Happy Sunday!


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