ten on ten // January 2016

Capturing the beauty in our ordinary over ten hours on the tenth:

Happy Tenth! Last night, sister made hot cross buns and I put an overnight french toast casserole (recipe/here) in the fridge as we knew we were probably going to have a stay at home snow day. We were happy to wake to swirling flakes and had brunch with Billy Graham: Choices on YouTube in place of Sunday Services. The kids were happy with the snow however, by mid morning mister was a bit sad as the grass wasn't covered enough for sledding and it didn't look like it was going to snow enough for that snow loving boy...
Sister took some hot cross buns to Nana and Papaw's and stayed the entire day as the guys at home played games and watched football. I had a kitchen prep day. I started this last Sunday where I get everything chopped/cooked and ready for the week for dinner. It really does help with our evenings. 
The kids are hoping no school tomorrow?!? 


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