Happy New Year // 2016

Such a good year, 2015! One last look:
Family ski trip: Breck.
Nana B's funeral. "Heaven is perfect," mister Nicholas.
Disneyworld for our oldest ones 18th!
Spring Break: Captiva.
Our 2015 grad. We are so proud!
Disneyland, just the two of us, on hubs birthday.
Family summer vacation: Breckenridge, Colorado. So enjoyed hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking the mountains we love to ski.

Boating days. ♡
Hilton Head Beach Vacation
Cheering for our favorite college outside linebacker, number 52, filled up all our fall weekends. 

Fall Break fun: K1 Speed indoor go-carting.

Christmas Eve, sweeties!

Here's to 2016. Happy New Year!!



  1. Looks awesome!!
    Btw loved reading about you in Erin Morris' book. SO fun+God is so good :)



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