our week: November 29-December 4

A peek at our week through my cell phone.
December! It's here. The kids are so excited and already having a hard time getting off to sleep at night. (Minus our 13 year old.) They look forward to getting chocolates each day after school in their advent stockings. :) (including our 13 year old! Ha.) I can't wait until our oldest is home from college in two weeks.

This week was our slower December week. Next week? Whew. Lots of programs and such. :) Life with four kiddos!
So hard to get to bed on time so mister read for an extra hour then lights out with the promise of leftover Shapiro's chocolate cake for breakfast in the morning!
(amyhersheyskisses IG pic)
A photo text exchanged with our oldest clarifying what type of in-ear headphones he was requesting for Christmas. Thankfully hubs was with me as we were getting the kids from school and he thought these (his) were the ones. They were. (Making my shopping easier.)
The BEST Black Friday deal ever for this momma who [feels like!] lives more than half my days in the car?!?! 99 bucks to detail my truck bumper to bumper inside and out!!! 
My mister and I had an evening all to ourselves as hubs was doing the running around with our 10 year old and 13 year old. I asked mister what he wanted to do and he suggested help me wash the basement floors. Too sweet. We are getting them good and clean before the hardwood installation.
Bringing up the trashcans right as the Christmas lights are turning on. I have them set dawn to dusk and somehow this year the two sets are about 1/2 hour off from each other. 
We are counting down the sleeps 'til Christmas! +the pillow that mister bought for my birthday as we were out shopping. He presented it to me while saying, "let's go home." (another IG edit)
So enjoying stopping in on the middle school praise band for chapel this week. They had the stage all decorated and sang Christmas songs. (Hard to see our drummer with the glare but he's back there!) He says this next Thursday hubs and I both have to come as they'll be playing his favorite song.
Getting this middle school drummer to stand still and face the camera for a pic before his concert on Friday night. ;) (not iphone but somehow I erased the iphone one.)
Ha! He left the house in one sweater and came out on stage in another. 
Five Guys art from this girlie for as long as I can remember. :) My favorite weeks are when I cook each night (I unwind in the kitchen, crazy? I know, but true. Plus the healthy factor.) However, with our rehearsal schedule this week and such we had burgers one night and pizza another... 

Happy weekending!


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