our week: December 5-11

Taking a look at our week though my cell phone pics:
Saturday morning hugs and talking about going to the tree farm. :)
Sunday morning decorating the tree before we go to DePauw for our oldest ones football banquet.
Monday floor cleaning in the basement. (I don't think we will have our hardwood floors in by Christmas. Maybe. But that's a big maybe...hubs and I are doing it ourselves at our own pace. Merry Christmas to us.)
Tuesday night play +fourth grade Christmas program for girlie. She worked so hard memorizing all of her lines as Miss Diane, the head of the 'Bethlehem Gulch Christmas ranch' and delivered those lines with no problems even with her southern twang. Too cute.
Wednesday, late afternoon coffee by the tree. Today is our middle schoolers second day home sick. I sure hope he's better by tomorrow as it's his band concert night.
Sister dancing at the retirement home Wednesday night was too sweet with her jazz class. (She's second from the far right.)
After school pick up and a balloon for second grade mister who had a class party Thursday for his teachers birthday.
Yay! Our middle schooler made it to the band concert. It was beautiful!! 
Fri-yay! Sleeping beside that birthday balloon. How sweet. 
(IG edit out my car window!) Girlie off to fourth grade hoe down day. Hubs and I joined in on the fun from 12-2 in the gym. Dancing, hog calling, log nailing relay, pie eating contest, strings performance by the middle schoolers and more. So fun.
♡Shapiro's date with my man: corned beef on rye with Swiss cheese and mustard. We share the matzo balls however, a couple of weeks ago as we stopped for dinner after we had spent the day tearing out 900sq. feet of carpet from the basement I was SO hungry I ate the entire bowl before I even realized we had it to share. ;) I told hubs I'd save one as we ordered Friday. And I did. ;)

Happy Weekend. My youngest exclaimed two weeks until Christmas when he got in the car Friday after school!!!! (I'm not ready. Almost.)


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