our week: December 19-25

Whew. This week went fast. All the kids were home and we had a full week together leading up to Christmas!!! We went to bed too late every night and got up too early with all the excitement. Right now, the kids are all fast asleep (10am/Saturday morn) and I bet they don't wake until closer to noon. 
Our week in cell phone pics:
Fun fun Saturday at Nana and Papaw's. All the grandkids with Nana and PaPaw before opening presents. Can you tell which one I had to photoshop in for my Instagram edit?? 
A game of risk, hubs and our three youngest leading late into the night while I lay beside the Christmas tree.
Monday night downtown for dinner at the Rathskeller then off to the Yuletide Celebration with the family +Syd. It was her first time and she loved it!! 
Yuletide pics not iphone:

Then, Tuesday:
We had a day home relaxing while I planned our menus for Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning and Day. (I had to look through my pics from last Christmas^ to remember what I served.) 
(Girlies tree!) Wednesday, our oldest, girlie and I shopped for hubs and for one more present for our middle son. We bought him new cymbals for his drum set, from our oldest. When he opened them he was SO excited and told our oldest he was the favorite brother now. ;))

Merry Christmas, 2015. The year girlie slept by the tree. ♡


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