our week: December 12-18

The last week of school before Christmas break. Oh, the happiness. Here is a little peek through the eye of my cell phone.
A weekend of beautiful beautiful weather and all the kids were super sluggish just wanting to have jammy days. The final weeks leading up to Christmas with school work and programs is super fun but tiring.
A throw back to Thanksgiving break just before we tore the carpet out in the basement. We are not missing the carpet but really ready to install the floors. It's going to be after Christmas. 
N O E L // kitchen sink beauty
I shopped til I dropped Tuesday and Wednesday (ha! From about 8-noon each day.) with wrapping in the afternoon before school pick up. So as I had promised the kids a new coat/hat/boots/snow pants shopping trip Tuesday eve I was too tired to stand up to take this pic of girlie showing off her new stuff to hubs. ;)
After school haircuts for all three kiddos. I'm asking mister what he hopes for Christmas, "a shirt that says is it Friday yet?!?" was his response. Of course that had me on amazon later that eve. ;)
Thursday school parties and final all school Christmas chapel. I spent the entire day at school. Miss had a classroom auction (they give the kids play money they earn through good behavior  between thanksgiving and Christmas then they get to spend it at the auction!) SO much good stuff to bid on. Girlie got what she had hoped for and I wrapped lots of gifts for the kids. I think everyone was able to take home gifts for their family +one or two items for themselves.
Then mister had his class party that I attended. I ate with each of the little ones at lunch followed by the Christmas chapel. (A huge highlight every year.) The student body sings through The Twelve Days of Christmas. Our 8th graders class was 11 pipers pipping, girlies 4th grade class: 9 lady's dancing, and misters 2 grade class: 5 golden rings! Imagine my surprise though when our 8th grade drummer filed out with the High School band to play and I completely didn't recognize him. The girls in fourth period had put his hair in a bun. ;) I thought he was a high schooler and even told the mom beside me he was as she asked, "is that Dawson?!?"
All is calm: Thursday night. No school tomorrow. Our oldest comes home from college after his one last final Friday morn. So I'm reading, girlie is at the table knitting mittens, buddy boy is at the bar snacking while hubs and our middle son are watching tv. 
Big win for the lady jags, Friday night. They've won each time we've gone. (Twice now.) Fun to watch!!
Nana and PaPaws Christmas party!! All the cousins by the tree before the gift opening. It was a nice day for everyone.
We've waited and waited for this movie. It's SO good. I can't wait to go again. And again!

Happy Week-ending and Merry Christmas. 


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