our week: October 31-November 6

Taking a peek at our week through my cell phone:
Halloween: a pirate and Star Wars Commander Rex! I've said it before: fun ages...8 and 10. I know we only have about two-three more years of the trick-or-treating excitement.
I asked for a fire pit down by the water; hubs and our middle one working all afternoon Sunday putting it together for me. (This is a portion of the water we worked the entire month of October clearing. Up until this season I never really felt comfortable having little ones and easy access to the water. Now that they are older and can swim really well we've cleared almost all the brush away now!!)
Coming home from a sleepover at Nana's/Papaw's.
Sunday eve cookout.
Golden flames, golden trees. Autum is looking beautiful!
Looking up and watching the sunrise Monday morn while my sleepy heads get ready for school. It's my turn to drive today and I have one littlest boy who really doesn't think he'll be able to go to school.
Cutest eight year old grocery helper finally tall enough and strong enough to push the cart the entire trip.
Unplanned twin day with my girl. "Momma. How can we dress the same and not even plan it?"
After school Guitar Center fun while we have a tiny bit of shopping to do for our middle school drummer.
Hopefully only one more week with his cast on. He asked me just before I snapped this, "can I take my cast off for my lessons today?" No!
(But I'm glad it isn't hurting anymore. A very good sign!!)
Buddy boy getting a late evening exam as he stayed home from school with a cold: fluid behind the eardrums and swollen lymph nodes. "I hope that means I can't go to school tomorrow!" Hubs said healthy enough for school!! ;))
I enjoyed the warmer temperatures this week and worked in the yard/garden every day this week! (I also cut Hershey's hidden fence while edging. Oops.)
Instagram pic: amyhersheyskisses 
Good 'Ole Charlie Brown: kind, compassionate, brave and funny.
Two thumbs up from the boys and one from girlie
The Peanuts Movie
#goodgrief ☺️
It's the courage to continue that counts!

Enjoy your weekend-

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