our week: Oct. 23-30

Taking a peek at our week through my cell phone pics:
Fri-yay! Nana's birthday and a complete surprise to her; a dinner party that Dad planned.
Precious little notes that ten year old miss made for her to open. Ten in all. 
Saturday morning coffee with mom and a gorgeous fall view out her sun room window.
Instagram pic: amyhersheyskisses 
We had an entire weekend (minus Friday night dinner out) at home. That's my favorite! + our oldest home and on the kayak.
College drop off, Sunday.
Sunset poolside dinner date with my man.
After school treat! The kids all had really really good report cards...we will still do our hibachi dinner out but they needed a little extra. :))
A sweet pic of the littlest two who spent an hour bouncing while brother was at drum lessons. As I stood back to get the pic I heard a sweet voice behind me say, "that's an awfully sweet picture." I turned to see buddy boys teacher from last year!
Coming home to a stitch fix on my front porch is always a good day!! (7 months of fixes now.)
Fri-yay Date day with my man. ;)


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