our week: November 7-13

A peek at our week through my cell phone:

Autumn out back.
Post Tiger walk, pre kick off coffee date with hubs and girlie. #teamdepauw
Monday field trip to the state house with the fourth grade class.
I especially loved how each person that interacted with the children took their time to answer questions and really encouraged the kids. We toured the House of Representatives, the senate and the Supreme Court. Justice Dickson spoke with the kids, Senator Schneider and Governor Pence. What a neat experience they'll never forget! 
Good dental check ups for girlie and I! No cavities. :))
Spent the morning with my 2nd grade boy at school on Veterans Day.
Thursday before school breakfast with these sweeties!
Friday sushi date with my man. (We spent Thursday evening out together too at a 'toast to the Monon.' Yay!)

Happy Weekending.


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