our week: November 14-20

Taking a peek at our week through the cell phone pics-
Heading home from DePauw. Football season has come to an end.
Cracker Barrel finds. ;)
Hibachi [great report card] crew!! All A's in this group +2 B+ for our middle schooler. He's working hard to pull those b's up! (History and HS language.) Fantastic Midterms for our college one need to be acknowledged too; highest grade in his class: Medical Imaging!
Hubs got a buck. Girlie tracked it. (Two deer tracked in a row. Hubs says she's got a great eye.)
Happy Birthday Collage. It's Sydney's birthday week. :)) 
Oh the kitchen. The water was turned off for 8 1/2 hours on Friday. Then we had to boil for 6 days. Ack. Not a fun week for this cooking momma. 
Friday in the gym with my man.
Operation Christmas Child assembling. Down to the wire. Monday is the final collection date!
And a final DePauw football weekend pic; until next year. The bottom of the pic: black tent is where we tailgate and to the far right is the stadium. Thankful for the park area (where girlie is) where the kids could run and play. Now what to do with our Saturdays. ;) Thankful all my sweeties are home this weekend!! 

Happy Weekending and Happy Thanksgiving week-


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