Monon Bell // 2015

It was our first experience going to the Bell game! We were excited and out the door by 8 a.m. hoping to get a great tailgating spot (near our football parent spot) and in time to watch the football team do the Tiger Walk to the stadium. 
On our way with two extra tickets...they were quickly given away to another football family that needed extra!
Lining up for The Tiger Walk. 

A glimpse of our Freshman during the Tiger walk. (The Tiger walk is a tradition where the team gathers and then walks to the stadium together while parents mostly and fans cheer lining the street.The team stops just before the stadium, turn and sing the fight song.)
Tailgating with our middle boy. We had the two littles stay home this year. I wasn't sure if it would be a bit too much for them. It's a long 12 hour day easily, and they SO enjoyed their time with their favorite babysitter. Next year they'll go!
Nana and Papaw enjoying the tailgate. It was their first time and they couldn't believe how nice the tailgate was. It's a group of football parents that organize it with a few emails each week, a sign up genius and a campus that allows storage for the grill. (It's such a huge grill and tent +speakers with music Nana thought that part of the tailgate was a separate vendor. ;) Really, the nicest tailgate and we are thankful to be a part of it. 
Go Tigers!!! Beat Wabash-
Blackstock Stadium
From where we sat.
Go Tigers. In the end we had a great season with a hard loss to Wabash. DePauw was 8 and 2 this season. They'll get them next time!
Good to see [high school]coach at the game/tailgate two weeks in a row. 
Love our Tiger. Proud of him! Looking forward to next season.


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