Happy Halloween // 2015

Tiny carved pumpkin mid afternoon courtesy of super excited girlie while waiting for the festivities. We didn't carve the top off and instead took the bottom out. This was SO much easier for putting the candle in!!
Iron Man, A Pirate and Captain Rex; Star Wars: The Clone Wars
It's trick or treat time! To Nana and Papaw's house first. Always. (While hubs drove our middle son to a barn party.)
Best next door neighbor buds. They planned their costumes for months!
Gray October skies. Treating early before the rain comes.
Our next door neighbors invited us over so they could see the kids before they left for dinner. :) they're the sweetest! (Also, buddy boy insisted on using his pillowcase this year for his candy bucket.)
Hubs. The 'DePauw Cheerleader' according to sister +the keeper of the Captain Rex blaster.
The kids LOVE going to their neighbor teen babysitters house and they talked about it every day this week wondering what she would give them.
10 and 8 are such fun trick or treating ages!
Home. +Pot Roast. Best post trick or treating dinner to date. :))
"Mom. Don't steal any."
I promised.
Sour Patch Kids, her favorite treat.
And the sorting begins.

Bags packed and ready to send these two sweeties to Nana's for a sleepover.
Two more hours and it's time for party pick up for our 13 year old. 
Happy Halloween!


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