our week: Oct. 9-16

A peek at our week through my (mostly) cell phone pics:
My running path. The fall allergies have mostly kept me on the treadmill this year so I was extra thankful for this run.
Ok, not cell phone but too cute not to post. Mister got his first trophy and his first soccer season ever to be on the winning team: see how he's not so excited?!? He's thinking two things; I can't wait to show my college brother and I can't believe it's plastic???!! He asked me, "does it take getting to the Olympics before you get a gold trophy?"
Sunday football +oldest, youngest and that trophy. (Another non-iphone.)
Instagram pic. +memories. Watching our oldest play football for 9 seasons now.
Hubs got his first doe!
Down by the water clearing brush for a better park of this week.
Wednesday morning before school drop off for our middle school praise band student means the two littlest and I go to 'our' breakfast spot. They are so excited it's the last day of the school week. As I ask them to take their excitement down a notch, girlies sweetly asks, "can you take yours up a notch?"
Sister helps get the vines out of the trees.
(Fall break, Thursday!)
Thursday night, movie night with Nana: Cinderella. But first, a little bit of jamming with the boys. ;)
Fall break, Friday! "It's hard work being Johhny Appleseed." 

Happy weekending!

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