our week: Sept.5-11

A peek at our week through my cell phone pics:
Beauty down at the docks. #nofilter
Many hands make light work. :)
Fight song! #teamdepauw
Back creek fishing.
Pulling in the catfish. Instagram pic
After school Children's museum fun!
Hubs first carousel ride and some excited sweeties.
Watching our number 15 as I work the concession stand. (Buddy sacked the quarterback 1 and 1/2 times!)
Fresh cucumber vegetable soup for my mister and I who have the sniffles. 
We remember: 911. (Looking up at the tire barn while getting my flat tire fixed.)
Friday night lights: middle school football team announced at 1/2 time. That's our number 15 with his white hoodie sleeves across his chest! Proud family. 

Happy weekending!


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