our week: Aug. 22-28

Taking a look at our week through the eye of my cell phone:
Saturday at our college freshman's convocation: the Freshman walk together through the street following men playing bagpipes, followed by the convocation speakers. All the while the upperclassman/family/friends cheer them on! 
Sunday-Funday at the fair! Girlie was the only one who wanted to ride this so she's sitting by a random. ;)
Homework is in full swing!! 
Buddy boy has wanted to be goalie this year SO MUCH! This was the game he played first 1/2 as goalie (and I missed it as I was at football!) and he made three saves.
4 mile run with my man in the park: so much needed! (He pulled away at the four mile mark and ran a tad longer.)
Yay, for beautiful days this week +an after school splash pad/park surprise from hubs and I for these two sweeties while older brother is at football practice.

A lunch date at my most favorite BBQ!! After all these years I finally talked hubs into going with me. As we walked out he said, "that was GREAT! I've really been missing out!"
Beautiful night sky out our misters bedroom window.
Here's to the weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing our oldest ones first football game today. 

Happy weekend!!

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