our week: Aug. 15-21

Wow! What a week of back to school. We sent our oldest off to college (a week early for football) and the three at home (2nd, 4th and 8th graders!) went the following morning. I'm doing good, really. As the convocation speaker said yesterday at the Freshman college orientation, "it's realizing your student is fullfling a dream..." [that keeps you holding it together.] Absolutely.
Our week through the eye of my cell phone:
(It's a full one!)
running views 
(I hit the 300 mile mark this week. Some weeks I run a little more or less than others but that averages running 3 miles 3 times a week.)
An Instagram (amyhersheyskisses) pic from college drop off day. (Sunday) We are SO excited for him. Dream big!!!
Celebratory dinner out: hubs and I. We sent our first off to college!!!! 
Off to school: 2nd, 4th and 8th! They grew 13 inches between the three of them since this time last year. 
Haha. Sent this pic to our oldest as the entire football field was TP'd on the first day of school.
8th grade football for our middle one: first game! He's an outside linebacker and he loves to tackle! 
Post work out drink: kombucha; home brew thanks to hubs. I LOVE it.
Morning traffic jam = working ahead on homework for girlie. These are a few of her favorite things.
An appointment at hubs office for our middle son; custom in ear monitors for his drumming for praise band this year.
After dinner visiting with our sweetest neighbor horse.
Bible memorization for our 8th grader +a F A V O R I T E verse of mine!
Up with the sun, success, 5 days in a row! Every year gets so much easier as the kids are getting older and can practically do their complete morning routine on their own.
Fri-yay!! After school snowcones and bowling with the sweeties.
Saturday college visit with our favorite tiger! The kids enjoyed seeing brothers dorm and campus...our mister looked forward to this day all-week-long!! As we left miss said she wished she could start college tomorrow while our middle was so surprised with how small dorm rooms are.

Happy Weekending!


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