our week // July 17-24

Summer, we love you. It's going quick and I feel like it's even quicker this year!
Here is a peek through the eye of my cell phone what this week looked like:
--with our middle son down in the pavilion while our oldest was in the grass
•Also, by far the best Dave concert in all our years!! Set list was amazing. (Hubs and I have been going since '95.)
--cousin pool day
--yay for National Ice Cream Day!!
--I was up with the sun almost every morning this week as our middle one had 'garage band' camp from 10-12. It takes me awhile to get my morning routine done. ;) Wake, coffee, read, pin, run, shower, dishes.
--mister, mister planted this beauty from seed after his first grade field trip in May.
--and he was SO excited when it bloomed this week!
--brunch with the best of friends. Muah.
--backyard cookout fire courtesy of our middle one; batman. +all that wood?? Hubs, our oldest and I (with a bit of help from youngest three) spent Thursday/Friday cleaning out the garage!!! Hubs and I have kept SO SO much over 19 years. 
--trash! It feels so good to be sending our oldest off to college in a few weeks and finally sorting through all of hubs/I stored stuff. We are heading to the dump this morning. Whew!!

Happy Weekening, friends!


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