Colorado Summer Vacation: day 1

We traveled early, early to get a non-stop flight with our family of six and arrived after most all us only had 3-4 hours of good sleep in our beds followed by 3 am wake ups with off and on airplane sleeping for a couple of hours! The guys (hubs, our oldest and our middle one) were ready for a snooze by the time we arrived in Breckenridge and our condo wasn't finished being cleaned so to the best little trail I went with the youngest two as the three super tired ones slept soundly (ha.) in the nearby car.
While we hiked (I set my timer for an hour 1/2 to give the guys a pretty good rest.) girlie took over the camera capturing every mountainside flower shot she could. My mister and I hiked happily with him declaring about a fourth of the way, "I've never hiked anything like this! I love it!!" I loved it too. And the smell of all the mountain pines was wonderful.

A huge boulder with stacked rocks atop. Perfect photo spot thought camera girl. :))
Sweet adventurers.
Mister worked up quite an appetite and the car full of sleeping guys did too. So we went to a yummy little cafe on main street while we continued to wait for the text that the condo was ready. Mister fell sound asleep before his food was even ready.


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