our week

Here's a little peek back at our week through my cell phone:
Senior Parade. It's a long standing tradition for the seniors to have a parade through the school parking lot while the students, (k-11) staff, administration and parents line the sidewalk to watch. Our senior (in the pink shorts) had a pong-pong float.
Running through the sprinklers!! We are getting closer to summer-like temperatures!
Catching minnows. Patience and timing is everything. 
Cleaning hubs fathers grave and leaving flowers. 
The pool is open. (Brother off the board while sister practices her backstroke start.)
5 nights straight: grilling for dinner. Yummy.
After dinner bike rides to visit Bo.
Last before school morning hug for Daddy from our first grader.
Front row, center. Our High School graduate. 
While middle brother is spending his end of the school year great report card cash sister and brother play some beats. (The salesclerk asked if we had three drummers in the family.:))

A fun filled week! It started with a three day weekend while ending with the last day of school for our youngest three and graduation for our oldest. Whew! I'm still letting it all soak in...
We are looking forward to making summer memories.


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