our week // June 2015

Our week through the eye of my cell phone:

Passing through our old neighborhood on the way home from camp pick up for our middle son. I miss that house/neighbors/memories.
Afternoon {pre-pool} latte pick me up.
Hibachi lunch for this good report card crew.
Evening bike ride with these two favorites.
Spectacular morning happy place (rainbow) view.
Planting his sunflower that he grew from seed.
Laps. Morning after a big swim meet. 
Gorgeous girl // Gorgeous sunset
Biking with my birthday boy; "you know what I like about biking in the country, mom?? You don't see many cars."
Sisters flower garden beauty. 
Evening at the movies: Hubs, our oldest and middle saw Jurassic World; our youngest two and I saw Inside Out.

Happy weekending!

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