our week

Here's a look at our week through the eye of my cell phone. It was a beautiful spring week with lots of evenings outside with the exception of Tuesday evening our middle schoolers lacrosse game was cancelled due to lightening. Thankful for an unexpected evening at home with the family. :)
Friday: our race day pics came + our awards! Hubs got third place in our 5k race and I got first in our division of 40-43 year olds. It was our first time to race in the same division and will be our last for a couple years now as hubs has a birthday this month. So fun!!!

Saturday: game day for our middle school lacrosse guy! He scored his first goal of the season, turned to the stands and with his fist up in the air yelled, "that was for my mom!" Aww!
Sunday: movie Funday! Hubs and the others are seeing Avengers while I'm taking the littles to Mall Cop 2. (This was Nicholas's second time to see it and he gives it two thumbs up!)
Monday: pretty little hosta transplant from my flower bed to flower pot! (I had wanted to do this last season but didn't get to the hosta in time...they are hard to dig out once they grow a bit!)
Tuesday: (no pic! I had a spa day getting wedding ready. SO excited...more on that later.)
Wednesday: first grade field trip to the park. We had a beautiful day hiking, visiting the nature center and picnicking. (My last first grade field trip. Happy/sad.)
And also on Wednesday...
Mother's Day Dessert with my girlie. The third grade really does a nice job making Momma's feel extra special at this dessert. The kids each stood before the class reading something they had written about their moms. My favorite line: "my mom can do anything because she knows God." Too sweet!!
Thursday: a little after school shopping for girlie and I while brother reads. (Girlie volunteered to bring in treats for school for a day without shoes and was looking for treat toppers. She found cute flip-flops.)
Friday: an after dinner bike ride around the water, to the park for some swinging and then home with a little fall for my mister as we had about a fourth of our bike ride to go. We had to call oldest brother to come pick him up and middle brother finished out the bike ride with me. 

Happy weekend!!


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