Happily Ever Morris: Wedding

Dreams are the beginnings of realities. 

Indy to Vegas for a layover, a cancelled flight and then FINALLY a connecting.
Waking to gorgeous California.
Chicken Enchillada Omelet, yes!
On our way, hubs and I, to the mountain wedding. 
at this point i'm beyond excited!!
Blue sky day.
The ceremony setting. Just gorgeous.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris, first dance.
Side yard view beside the coffee bar/dinner line.
Mother of the groom, Cindy.
Cindy, Mother of the groom, and I. Such a beautiful 'IG love story' that brought us together.
Fairy tale outdoor wedding...

A few years ago I made a blog friend, Cindy. I admired her parenting and joy for life. We connected each week for awhile through a fun blog link up called 'instafriday.' Then IG became popular and we followed each other. 

Shortly after I started IG I had another blog friend, Erin, start to follow me. I had admired her and her blog as she blogged about life (from a Christian perspective) as a twenty something and followed her too. About a year or so later Cindy posted musical YouTube links on IG of her son Daniel. I remember sitting on the couch in our great room watching the videos when I had the thought Daniel and Erin would be a perfect match. I prayed about it and waited for just the right time to say something. Fast forward a couple months to December 2013. I was packing to head on a family ski trip. I scrolled through Instagram and saw my friend Cindy had posted a pic of three of her sons with a caption saying something to the effect of, these three are heading to ice skate...if they come home single...I thought, now is the time to say something! So on a comment in Cindy's feed I tagged Erin saying I'd been wanting to mention to her Daniel was available...then I waited. We headed out on our family travels to CO. Cindy direct messaged me: who is this gal?? Your neice?? She's a knock out. And a beauty inside/out. I responded how I 'knew' her through blogging and so forth and that I would direct message Erin to see what she thought. And really I wanted to reiterate I wasn't teasing and or being flippant when I made that suggestion. Erin responded and the rest is history.😍 Today they became Mr. and Mrs. Morris. It's a dream come true for each of them and we are so happy for them. 


(a link to Erin's blog telling how they met: here)
(a link to Erin's blog telling about their engagement: here)


  1. I loved reading this! I remember it ALL! So glad we are IG friends! Hugs

  2. I love your blog! I am so happy you got to attend the wedding! Although I have never met Mrs. Cindy in person, I feel like I know her pretty well through IG and her blog. Btw....I spotted a beautiful vase in one of your pics. ....very unique :)



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