10 on 10 :: May 2015

How fun that my favorite monthly photo day also falls on Mother's Day! So ten photos over ten(ish) hours capturing the beauty in our ordinary:
The golden hour with my baby; the first one up!
The perfect spot (the door to my coffee mugs) for my magnet flower gift from the mister. (He was SO proud!)
Love notes and hugs.
We have a snoozer on my right, a fidgeter on my left, a teen that takes the prize for most well behaved, and hubs. (Our oldest wasn't feeling well this morning and missed services.)
A Happy Mothers Day surprise we put on Nana's front porch. (Sweetest watering can of planted flowers that she wanted.)
Late country club buffet lunch with Nana/Mom. Everything she does is beautiful.
After lunch feeding the swans. (Ice chips.)
Back porch shenanigans.
All I wanted was a day of kindness towards all from my family (they only had to be reminded a couple of times;)) and  time to finish planting my flowers.
Before dinner lego assembly. 

What a nice day. Hope you all enjoyed this Mother's Day.


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