our week

A look back at our week through the eye of my cell phone:
Friday: my MOST favorite sign at the packet pick up for hubs and I 5k race
Saturday: a look back at the finish line after I finished; a gorgeous run and a personal best for hubs and I!
Sunday: helping our oldest align the candles just right to take to his girlfriend's later that eve and ask her to jr/sr
Monday: the trees are greening up; hello spring in the Midwest!
Tuesday: our sweet boy came in from playing outside with a knot in his shoe. He prayed, untied the knot and went back out to play.
Wednesday: picking out a mirror for above the mantle (I'm ready to hang something I don't have to change with every season.)
Thursday: new sandals for girlie; her first 'heels.' :)
Friday: no school today; our first day out on the the ice cream shop!
Jr/Sr :: the cutest!
And a pretty little dinner party hubs and I went to while our oldest was at Jr/Sr


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