our week

A peek at our week through the eye of my cell phone:
Friday: our magnolia in bloom
Saturday: seconds before girlie spied a snake
Sunday: ice cream/fried pickles for these sweeties
Monday: our middle son's requested after school snack; homemade chocolate chip cookies
Tuesday: a surprise afternoon off for my man; we met at Bob Evans for lunch
Wednesday: the drawings (by hubs dad from his college art major days) I took to be framed and picking a new rug for the great room
Thursday: nice work on my after school library study buddies spelling test
Thursday: it's lacrosse season for our middle school one; hubs/our oldest are assistant coaching. That's our guy in the middle (black jersey/white helmet) pushing back the defender
Friday: first one up (early!) to work on her newest lego set
Friday: foggy morn and kids off to school on's been a long week!


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