November :: 2014 :: ten on ten

 Today capturing the beauty in the ordinary (a link up) with ten photos over ten hours...

morning dog, Hershey, cozy on the floor
(it's cold outside!)
 drinking hubs left overs
 it's sheet changing day!
sweet blue eyed girl, with a miserable cold, hardly slept last night 
heading to get the school kids
(minus our oldest who is taking himself to physical therapy)
 after school gaming
 homework girl and ipad boy
 (then outside playtime before the sun goes down!)
crutch fixing
sunset tree climbing
 bringing the kids in for dinner + a neighbor friend joining us (fun!)

Happy tenth of November.

Monday is cleaning day around here.
 It was a bit slow going
today as girlie was up for a good
portion of the night sleeping off and on by my side
with a miserable cold.
By mid afternoon, after resting most of the morning, she 
was good to go! 
We were especially excited to have some nicer
after school weather to play outside 
especially as the colder weather will be here by the
end of the week.

Hope you had a nice tenth!

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