ten on ten :: September 2014

ten photo's over ten hours capturing today's beauty:

 morning sky
 coffee and a cookbook
 peanut butter toast (not cut in half!) loving girl 
pausing and answering text(s) 
grocery store prep
 after school Children's Museum while brothers are at practices
post soccer pick up (he got braces a few weeks ago!)
 carrying in (dry goods) groceries
brother earned a new lego set
and what's for dinner; Amish casserole and tater tots

Happy tenth of September.
Today started for me with a repair man ringing my doorbell at 7 a.m. while I 
was working on getting the boys out the door for school. 
I had completely forgotten he had moved his appointment from Friday to today 
yesterday afternoon...
It was a quiet rainy morning for girlie and I as she worked
on her school and I taught a bit mixed in with making
a much needed grocery list.
Then we surprised brother picking him
 up a bit early from school 
to take a little field trip to the Children's Museum.
While we were there I got the panic
phone call from our middle one as school had just 
let out and he realized his soccer bag was left in the car!
I told him I'd text his brother while he should go wait by the car for
five minutes. After five minutes if his brother didn't show he needed to wear 
his P.E. uniform and head to practice. It all worked out in the end as 
it nearly always does. :)



  1. Always love your pics and especially of your lovely view of the morning/evening sun :-)
    I'm so glad your day had happy endings! I try to keep all my appts in my head, but keep forgetting more and more! ;-) I'm starting to use my phone for all it can do, like keep track of my schedule...not just taking pics! ha!



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