10 on 10 :: July 2014

Happy Friday! Yesterday was ten on ten; ten photos over ten hours capturing the beauty in the ordinary. Hubs and I were to fly out for a long weekend trip to NYC for a little bit of adventure mixed in with hubs attending a sinus conference today and tomorrow to get his CME credits for this year...
Our day:

 self timer airport photo 
 flight delay airport brunch
 (au bon pain, coffee, water and chocolate covered almonds)
 connecting flight, Chicago
 grounded for a bit while we wait for the traffic to clear
 heart clouds
 window seat 
 yum! (they seated us under Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas pics)
 kind gentleman taking our photo as he saw me lining the camera up for a self timer shot
Aladdin was fantastic! Hubs says he thinks it's his favorite ever. 
I'm saying it is a very close second to Lion King.


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