ten on ten :: May 2014

It's the tenth of the month; time to get ten photos over ten hours to capture today's beauty...

{coffee with hubs and a few honking geese over the water as we're on the back porch}

 {an early riser snuggled in my bed first thing to play a racing game on my phone}

 {view while I let Hershey out for the morning}

{oldest/youngest conversation as oldest cooks eggs for [mid morning] breakfast}

{daddy's car wash helper}

 {heading out to girlies softball team pics wishing our oldest a good [lacrosse] game today}

{practicing her pose}

 {waiting in the car while girlie quickly changes at home into her clothes for brothers game}

 {sister helping [injured] brother out by grabbing his stick}

{Hoosier Rolls for dinner at our favorite little sushi spot}

Happy tenth! Hope you had a nice one.
 And have a Happy Mother's Day.



  1. Your little mister looks so cozy in your bed (cute case!). I love those flowers...I hope to get planting this weekend. That girlie looks so cute in her uniform :) I'm so sorry about the fun :(

  2. I always love the view from your home! I'm sad not to be able to plant flowers this spring...nothing but mud now! Hoping Andrew's foot is quickly healed! Great pictures!



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