ten on ten :: March 2014

It's the tenth. Time to capture beauty through my lens as we go about our day...
We've been sick here. Lot's of laundry today and some good food to help get our middle son back to school soon as they are testing this week. Hopefully he's the last one to have this.
Hope you enjoyed your tenth. :))
(a link up)
{morning sun bokeh}
 {drip coffee}
 {Hershey love}
{first sign of spring; the geese}
 {kindergarten pick up drive}
 {after school robe and finger weaving}
{set the table}
 {comfort food}
{waiting on our oldest to get home}



  1. The Ohio mug!!! It looks like it is among great company :) I always love the lighting in your home and how comforting it is. What's that soup you have there? I hope your guy is feeling better and that you are all soon on the complete mend!!!

    1. :)) The Ohio mug. It's a favorite. Thanks, again!!
      Our soup I just threw together in the crock pot and it turned out great... I will call it Chicken Stew and try to duplicate it another time writing the recipe as I go!
      Fingers crossed, today is the first day in two weeks ALL my kids are at school. I'm doing laundry. ;)

  2. I have the Ohio Starbucks mug as well and hope to get more. I do love Starbucks but it has become a travel treat as we don't have one in our city. Amy, I love that Nicholas loves his robe. And MaryElla and her creativity. Thanks for sharing a piece of your day!



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