ten on ten :: February 2014

Looking through the eye of my lens to see the beauty captured throughout this day; ten photos over ten hours. 
It's another cold cold day with a lot of snow. With the exception of girlie who is home recovering from a (sinus) sickness the kids have an unusual full day of school (they've been having two hour delays and/or closures off and on for the past 5 weeks now.)
Despite all the snow we are looking forward to a four day weekend mid winter ski trip coming this Friday. However, spring can't come quick enough. ;)
The beauty ::

 {morning coffee with a view}
 {farewell from Hersh to hubs}
 {housewarming cinnamon coffee cake muffins for a friend}
 {kindergarten pick up with lots of stories to tell}
 {home sweet home}
 {kids have turned the kayak into a sled this season}
 {backyard fun; all smiles and feeling lots better}
 {at our small town cafe for dinner}
{crossing the bridge toward home; snowmobile tracks}
 {pink sunset}


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