This week ::

Looking back at our week it feels like it was a really long week. We had Monday off and then 2 hour delays for each day except for one. The two hour delays really make the days a lot shorter leaving a momma feeling like I've barely accomplished anything before it's time to turn around and get the kids again! I have had our 1/2 day kindergarten mister home all week as he doesn't have school on 2 hour delays. We've enjoyed our extra time together however, by Thursday we were each feeling a bit stir crazy so off to school I sent him for 2 hours while it was bring a parent to school day for game day. :))

Our week looking through the pictures on my cell phone ::

 {snow, snow and more snow with below freezing temperatures}
 {an over abundance of homework for all while hubs plays the never ending card game with our youngest}
{a nap courtesy of Nana and a Dr. Seuss story}
 {an after school Children's Museum adventure while oldest brother is at Lacrosse practice}
 {guess who likes to wait patiently for a scrap to fall}
 {mister laying beside me in my bed asking me a million questions}
 {a Ruby Bridges video at the Children's Museum with a replica of her classroom}
 {school lunch date with my girl}
{science in action}

Have a good weekend.


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